Rohan Morrissy

  • Senior Revit Technician

Rohan prides himself on the high standard in which he leads projects from inception through to delivery over his 15+ years of experience. Working across multiple sectors, Rohan brings experience with different types of clients, projects, contractors and typography to the VIA studio.

With a strong understanding of the construction and buildability of a project, Rohan works closely with key stakeholders throughout, to ensure the design is documented to achieve quality results. His leadership in coordinating consultants and the VIA team throughout contract administration makes him an asset to his clients and their projects.

A seasoned surfer, Rohan ascribes his calm, cool and collected demeanour, which he’s well known for within the studio, to all the years he has spent in the surf catching waves.

Life Motto

The one that falls and gets up is so much stronger than the one who never falls.