Peter Weisfelt

  • Senior Project Architect
  • Bachelor of Arts (Architecture) / Bachelor of Architecture

Bringing over two decades of architectural expertise, Peter Weisfelt is a registered architect and a Senior Project Architect at VIA. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts (Architecture) followed by a Bachelor of Architecture, Peter embarked on his design journey in 2000.

Peter’s early career saw him immersed in diverse architectural projects across healthcare and urban development. Notably, his work on global projects such as the Prince Court Medical Centre in Kuala Lumpur showcased his prowess as a project architect.

Among Peter’s notable achievements is his role in winning the Boroondara Council Urban Design Award for his contributions to a premium retirement living community in Glen Iris. This recognition underscores his dedication to delivering excellence in architectural design.

In his current role at VIA, Peter leads projects with a focus on ensuring timely delivery, adherence to budget and exceeding the expectations of our clients. He is deeply passionate about creating architecture that not only captivates aesthetically but also functions seamlessly, meeting the diverse needs of the end user.

With roots tracing back to Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Peter draws inspiration from iconic Dutch architecture, such as the Cube Houses and Pencil Tower. Today, he is driven by a commitment to sustainable architecture, particularly in response to the climate crisis.

In his spare time, Peter enjoys competition squash, travel and capturing urban and landscape photos—an extension of his passion for design and exploration.


I can’t pick just one so here are my top two:
/ Life of Pi by Yann Martel
/ Educated by Tara Westover