Nadine Power

  • REVIT Technician
  • Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural)

Nadine loves working with precise technical drawings and beautiful spaces.  She is excited about technology’s place in the future of architecture and the role BIM is playing as it moves forward.

She has strong communication skills and takes pride in producing accurate work.

In her early career, Nadine worked with CAD software for signage manufacturing and design which evolved into a series of technical team-leading positions.

Following a career break to raise her children and work part-time in Allied Health and fitness, she went back to school to pursue her passion, Architecture.

Nadine is proud to be a part of VIA Architects, a team that values people and creates beautiful spaces.

Nadine is particularly interested in the interplay between music and architecture – both in the way a space can enhance ambient and performed sounds, and in their shared composition of proportion and rhythm. Dutch architect, Julius Taminiau, describes architecture as a form of music experienced through another sense, using light instead of sound, effectively an instrument played by the sun.

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