Milana Levic

  • Architectural Graduate
  • Bachelor of Architecture / Master of Architecture

Milana is an Architectural Graduate at VIA and brings her fresh perspective and enthusiasm to the team. Armed with a Diploma in Graphic Design and a Bachelor and Master of Architecture, Milana is driven by her passion for blending art with problem-solving within the field of design.

With experience spanning architecture and interior design, Milana has had her work published in a special issue of Architect Victoria, titled ‘Migration, Women, Architecture.’ In her role at VIA, Milana relishes the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse range of people and projects, finding fulfilment in the fusion of creativity and critical thinking.

Milana sees architecture as more than just designing structures—it’s about weaving together stories and solutions that impact lives. Her journey into architecture was sparked by her childhood fascination with a local church designed in the Byzantine style, igniting a lifelong passion for the built environment.

Outside of the studio, Milana enjoys spending time with loved ones, listening to podcasts and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. Her hobbies include playing Assassins Creed, fossicking and snorkelling.

Fun fact: Milana shares her birthday with none other than The Rock himself.


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