Michelle Fox

  • REVIT Technician

Michelle Fox, our dedicated Revit Technician, contributes a wealth of knowledge to our studio bringing 18 years of industry experience. Michelle’s expertise extends to building construction, joinery detailing and a comprehensive understanding of National Building Codes and standards. She has skilfully led projects from concept to completion as a Project Leader, managing staff and directing projects in the commercial and retail sectors.

As a REVIT Technician, Michelle orchestrates the transition from design development to construction issue drawings for our projects. Beyond her technical skills, Michelle plays a vital role in coaching and mentoring the VIA team, providing guidance in solving complex technical issues.

Michelle’s passion lies in the blend of creativity and the potential for positive impact on communities and the environment. The ever-evolving nature of the field continually inspires her. In her role at VIA, she finds fulfilment in collaborative efforts, working with both the team and external consultants to transform design concepts into a tangible reality.

Her journey into architecture was driven by a lifelong dream of creating spaces for people to enjoy. Outside the studio, Michelle enjoys exploring cafes and restaurants and spending quality time with family and friends. Lately, she has embraced rowing and channelling her creativity into fabric design.

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