Melissa Cameron

  • Architectural Undergraduate
  • BDes (Arch) & BConst Mgt (Hons)

After recently completing her double undergraduate degree in Design and Construction Management, Melissa has joined the VIA team to further her understanding and passion for the built environment.

She brings a positive and personalised approach to her projects, tailoring her work to the needs of the client, without compromising on good design or functionality. Through her international work experience, Melissa understands different cultures and working styles and is able to interpret the needs and desires of her clients and adapt quickly to make their vision a reality.

When she isn’t using her Photoshop skills in the VIA studio to create architectural magic, Melissa is an enthusiastic skier and spends her weekends rocketing down the slopes at the snow fields.

Quote to live by:

Some people dream of success… while others wake up and work hard for it.