Mark Allan

  • Director
  • BArch

As our fearless studio head, Mark leads the architecture and interiors teams at VIA. As well as strong leadership and a strategic mind, Mark’s design eye is second to none. As a guiding influence across our talented team, Mark encourages the team to embrace difference, to think about the bigger picture, to design with intent and purpose.

Mark’s experience across Australia and the UK has seen him lead large scale projects both nationally and internationally in residential (single and multi-residential), commercial, health, corporate and workplace environments. His body of work firmly cements his key strengths around conceptual design and thoughtful details.

Clients across all sectors benefit from Mark’s uncompromising commitment to an ideas culture at VIA. Mark engages clients in collaborative thinking from start to finish of a project. He embodies the VIA spirit of challenging norms and encouraging resolved creative solutions.

True to his design ethos of breaking with tradition, Mark is something of a tea connoisseur and would rather a Rooibos than a Ristretto every day of the week.

3 Ultimate dinner party guests?

Billy Connolly, Barack Obama and Frank Lloyd Wright