Keeley O'Reilly

  • Marketing Manager

Perpetually positive. Keeley is a driven marketing specialist with a passion for design and architecture. She brings her can do attitude and wealth of digital and traditional marketing experience to the VIA team.

She is mostly likely to be found buzzing around the coffee machine getting the DL on all the happenings at VIA. As the digital media Queen, Keeley focusses on keeping the world up to date with all the going’s on around the Studio.

Not taking no for an answer, Keeley prides herself on her ability to solve problems and find efficiencies which improve the overall quality of her output.

To Keeley, happy is sitting on a cold concrete seat at her hockey club, driving down the coast and crashing out at the beach house, turning up to a job that she loves every day and being surrounded by totally awesome people wherever she goes.

Life Motto

You have got to be odd to be number one