Grace McKellar

  • Project Architect
  • BArch

With over 10 years of experience working for top Architecture firms around Australia, Grace sets the design bar high. Working across a broad range of sectors on a variety of projects, her most recent experiences have seen her working on high-end multi-residential and mixed-use facilities.

Grace is a natural communicator, clear and concise with the information that her clients and her team need. She is nimble and able to make considered decisions on the fly which add value to the projects she designs. Working on projects from the initial design stage, right through documentation, she is focused on the details but never loses sight of the bigger picture; the feeling that the end user gets when they enter the completed building.

When she isn’t at the studio designing, Grace spends her time co-curating events for New Architects Melbourne and exploring the great outdoors.

Fun Fact

Has climbed to Mt Everest Base Camp