Grace Jorgensen

  • Architectural Graduate
  • Bachelor of Architecture / Master of Architecture

Grace, an Architectural Graduate at VIA, brings her passion for design and a dedication to advancing her career in the field. With a Bachelor and Master of Architecture in hand, Grace has gained valuable experience working across residential and commercial projects in various practices.

In her role at VIA, Grace eagerly embraces new challenges and responsibilities, immersing herself in the collaborative environment. As a graduate, she values the opportunity to work alongside individuals from diverse backgrounds, each with unique skillsets and design philosophies. Her commitment to lifelong learning encourages her to seek knowledge independently and gain wisdom from her colleagues.

With a keen interest in various sectors, including residential and multi-residential architecture, Grace appreciates their impact on enhancing people’s lives. She sees architecture as a medium to positively influence the human experience and finds fulfilment in witnessing projects evolve from documentation to fully realised buildings.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Grace leads an active lifestyle, enjoying outdoor activities like hiking and running and participating in team sports such as netball and soccer.


A day spent at the beach, ideally surrounded by friends and family, keeping active, enjoying the sun and sharing a picnic!