Gamze Uzunay

  • Architect
  • MArch

Gamze is an integral member of the Studio VIA team. Unphased by challenges, Gamze finds solutions to any problem which is presented to her. She appreciates that no two projects are the same and loves thinking about how spaces will be used by their occupants. She seeks out responsibility and makes no secret of her drive to expand her range and depth of skills,

Through her work across commercial and aged care projects, Gamze has built on her education, building her experience through all facets of the projects she is involved in, from design conception through to documentation and contract administration.

She lives the VIA values of uncovering talent by mentoring aspiring architects through our student induction program and she brings that same passion for development onto every project which she is involved with.

With a love of the great outdoors, Gamze enjoys spending time in her veggie garden as she attempts to keep it alive as well as chasing after her mischievous cat and her even more mischievous little sister.

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