Frank Bambino

  • Managing Director
  • Bachelor of Architecture (Honours)

In addition to the knowledge and experience gained from a career spanning over 25 years, Frank brings an energy and enthusiasm that inspires not only his own work but that of those around him. At VIA, he is responsible for ensuring both the business and the team challenge the status quo and deliver above expectations.

He is driven by the opportunity to create meaningful outcomes through environments and spaces that respond to real human needs. Client-focused to a tee, Frank combines his architectural experience with an extensive background in development strategy, guiding clients with this dual lens to outstanding commercial outcomes.

With an unwavering commitment to both his clients and his team, he injects boundless energy and passion into everything he does and takes a lead role in all key stakeholder engagement on a project from inception to completion.

Frank ensures the right questions are asked at the right time, creating a strong base for design decisions that will impact the future stages of this project, working to ensure the team delivers the project within the vision and budget of the project requirements.

Frank’s passion for architecture is only matched by his love for travel, amazing food, and experiencing new cultures, and when possible combining all three.


Never die wondering and worry about the things you can influence and let the rest go.