Danny Mathew

  • Project Architect
  • Master of Architecture

Danny Mathew, one of our valued Project Architects, holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Kerala, India and furthered his education with a Master of Architecture from the University of Melbourne.

His career in architecture began in Kuwait, focusing on hospitality and multi-residential projects. Seeking new challenges, he moved to Melbourne in 2007 to pursue a master’s degree and re-entered the professional arena in 2009, dedicating his efforts to multi-residential projects. Eager for diverse experiences, he transitioned to working across aged care, education and health projects.

As a Project Architect, Danny plays a crucial role in ensuring the team produces high-quality designs aligned with client objectives. His responsibilities extend to providing mentorship and guidance to junior staff, fostering their growth within the studio and ensuring effective and efficient project delivery.

His passion lies in crafting environments that naturally draw people in, creating spaces seamlessly integrated into their lives. The permanence and transformative nature of architecture, where designs outlast the designer, initially captivated him.

Outside the professional realm, Danny treasures his time with family and enjoys playing social sports like badminton and volleyball. An interesting fact about him is that he’s a Pannapictagraphist, or a comic book collector, and a dedicated Star Trek fan.