Calleen Malumay

  • Architectural Graduate
  • Advanced Diploma in Architectural Building Design / Bachelor of Architecture

Calleen has completed an Advanced Diploma in Architectural Building Design and a Bachelor of Architecture from Swinburne University. Her passion lies in urban design, biophilic design, sustainability and tectonic architecture.

An integral part of our studio, Calleen crafts town planning drawings, perfects construction details and refines our designs based on valuable feedback from our clients. Building meaningful client relationships and creating spaces that resonate is what fuels her passions.

Outside of the studio, you will find Calleen listening to her favourite records on vinyl, working on her photography or having a cosy movie night.

What is your perfect day in Melbourne?

On my perfect day in the city, you'd find me strolling through design markets in the sunshine, sipping on a Matcha Latté.