Adi Azhar

  • Graduate Architect
  • Master of Architecture

Adi holds a Master of Architecture from Deakin University, and is on track to become a registered architect in the next few years under the guidance of his experienced VIA colleagues.

Adi has a passion for creating spaces that do more than just look good. He listens to clients, understands the needs of the people who will use a space, and ties design in with the local context. He appreciates the VIA value of challenging conversations in order to take clients out of their comfort zone to find the best solution for them.

Adi’s favourite project so far on his VIA journey has been the Basscare project in Canterbury. He loved the challenge of this complex urban planning project, starting with the macro and honing in on the micro. Urban planning has always been a deep passion for him. He is fascinated by the way environment, transport, context and most importantly, people, interact to form the lifeblood and identity of a place, and hopes to develop his skills to be able to influence how these factors play out in future.

Adi is inspired by the VIA approach of finding the human story in every project: looking at at the broader context of a site as a whole, and the amenities people use, and developing a design concept that fits within that story and enhances it.

Dream holiday destination?

New York. I’ve always found the grid layout of the streets fascinating. To see that in person – as well as art deco architecture like the Chrysler building – would be incredible.