Rosanna Village

Residential 7,000m2 Schematic Design 2019

Creating community, recalling nature

With views of Creekbend Reserve and an advantageous northern orientation, the high quality, 3-storey townhouses in Rosanna Village make the most of the tree views and city skylines.  In response to in-depth market research conducted early in the project, a diverse range of versatile floorplans have been designed. Reflecting current property market trends, these floorplans are being explored to achieve broad appeal with prospective purchasers likely to be owner-occupiers with children.

Stepping down the site, the village layout is specifically designed to break up the built form, with visual corridors between the buildings giving neighbouring properties green views from the reserve. A consistent design language ties the individual building together, creating a harmonious experience as you move through the project.

With the intention of maintaining the existing mature trees and proposing the planting of a number of new trees, the residents of this luxurious complex will benefit from large communal spaces with shared facilities under mature tree canopies, creating a community within that opens to the wider neighbourhood.

Photography by: Jaime Diaz-Berrio