Northern Beaches Townhouses and Apartments

Residential 6,000m2 In progress 2019

A staggered site in Sydney’s beautiful northern beaches forms the backdrop to this townhouse and apartment development.

Scale, mass and form and their connection to each other, were key drivers in delivering our design within the challenges of this multi-level site. The VIA team were brought in to navigate through complex regulatory requirements across the site with a steep fall having preventing previous approaches to develop it to its full potential.

The studio team worked closely with our client to wrap a resolved design around their aspirations for the project, delivering a mix of apartments, townhouses and seniors living across 6000 sq m. Shared language between the three distinct structures plays out through site positioning, material choices and landscaping.

The townhouses at the front of the site, on the high level, were approached as pairs, with dark and light timber cladding providing moderation and definition. A strong presence to the street is afforded by the double height canopies, performing a dual purpose of a sense of grandeur at entry along with weather protection. Standalone garages behind the townhouses incorporate studios above, pioneering a new design approach in the area, and enabling a buffer for views and privacy to the apartments behind.

Dropping back down the site, the mix of apartments across two distinct forms, are served by a central stone entrance. The elongated form brings the coastal air in, granting views across the greenery of the slope down to the creek beyond.

“The opportunity to use shared language across the individual designs extends all the way to the landscaping, with the moderation of light and dark reflecting through the structure, finishes, and even the plantings.” // Mark Allan