Northern Beaches Townhouses and Apartments

Residential 6,000m2 2019

A staggered site in Sydney’s beautiful northern beaches forms the backdrop to this townhouse and apartment development.

A west-facing slope naturally lends itself to a built form that scales towards a meandering creek, in a way that maximises views and natural light.

Shared language between the two forms plays out through site positioning and landscaping. The townhouses at the front of the site, on the highest level, were approached as pairs, with dark and light timber cladding providing moderation and definition. A strong presence to the street is afforded by the double height canopies, performing a dual purpose of creating a sense of grandeur and offering shelter from the elements. Vehicle access is located behind the townhouses which in turn creates a generous terrace offering views out across the creek, and allows for direct pedestrian access into the frontage.

Dropping back down the site, a central stone entrance divides the apartments into two distinct forms. By elongating the design, the coastal breeze is drawn in, and views are granted across the greenery. The dual apartment formation offers boutique-style living unique for such residences, creating a sense of intimacy through a smaller form factor. The architectural design works hard to bring the outside in, with external finishes carried through to foyers, and extensive glazing to encourage two-way views.

A balanced sense of space and scale plays out perfectly across the site, with a large, lush park positioned as a segue between the two different typologies. As a shared resource for all residents, the park is one of many invigorating green spaces, including an incredible reserve, the creek and walking and cycling trails that satisfy a desire for a healthy, tranquil and natural lifestyle.

Where native bush and ocean influences converge, a textural and tonal palette naturally emerges to play against. Interiors afford a new level of personalisation, with a choice of materials, joinery, flooring and colour palettes that reference the light and dark of the dual theme. Subtle hues from charcoal to sand and grainy textural materials that reference earth and beach, contrast with the green scenery.

Despite the natural references, there’s a genuine sense of the luxury here that comes with sophisticated cosmopolitan lifestyles.

“The opportunity to use shared language across the individual designs extends all the way to the landscaping, with the moderation of light and dark reflecting through the structure, finishes, and even the plantings.” // Mark Allan