Cecil Street Townhouses

Residential 800m2 2019

Balancing density with design

We like the unexpected, and on view from the street, one would assume two large homes on this inner-city infill site. On closer inspection, four homes sit comfortably in this residential enclave in Kew.

Balancing density with design, this project represents an evolution of larger scale homes starting to forsake their excess of space for broader utilisation.
With a laneway to the side, and an abundance of light, the site takes its lead from the pitched roof form in the surrounding context, to maximise the sense of openness and volume within each residence.

Using styling elements characteristic in the neighbouring properties, such as blacks, timbers and natural stone, the design brings a contemporary language to the street, settling the building into its surroundings in a way that is unquestionably modern, but resolved within the character of the streetscape.

“In a market where demand is skyrocketing, and inner city property is compressing,
Cecil Street is a great example of a clever utilisation of site space.” // Frank Bambino

Photography by: Jaime Diaz-Berrio