Byron Bay Butter Factory

Residential 2,200m2 Complete 2007

Soaring roof forms are reminiscent of the industrial sawtooth roofs of times past.

The former Norco Butter Factory site, a tired and dilapidated historic landmark, was rejuvenated by the VIA team into ten bright and airy warehouse apartments spread over three levels. By inserting the entry & living areas on the first floor, the layout provides for easy access to all levels separating public from private living areas. The elevated living also allows access to the common spaces and landscaped areas.

A new building over three levels is clad in timber, and provides a gateway to the residences. As well four more apartments, the ground floor plays host to a retail space, providing residents with plenty of on site amenity. The timber screen is a historical reference to the former site generator station once located at the front of the site.