Preston Seniors Community

Masterplanning 30,000m2 2019

Intergenerational living to support and inspire

Stepping down to the banks of the Darebin Creek, the older establishment quarter acre blocks of Preston give way to a decidedly contemporary form. Each building is integrated with lifestyle and amenity, encouraging the natural movement of people across and within the site.

Each transitional point is used as an opportunity to create a sense of arrival. Cutting through the middle of the site, a pedestrianised promenade connects visitors and residents along a thriving village-like street.

Restaurants, bars, health and wellness amenity spill from ground floor spaces into the surrounding green spaces along the ‘street’, encouraging social connectivity and natural movement through the site.

Soaring overhead, sky bridges link the residential and seniors precincts to lofty communal gardens, a green retreat with spaces for each generation. Children are catered for with beautiful play spaces, and grounds, separate but nearby to the tranquil gardens catering to other members of the community.