Peninsula Estates Project Masterplans

Masterplanning 350,000m2 Schematic Design 2019

Modular masterplanning fused with local influences bring the heart with the soul

Four vast sites across Victoria’s beautiful Mornington Peninsula, embark on a broad philosophy of creating integrated communities encompassing tailored combinations of amenity, cafes, childcare, sporting, wellness facilties, medical, aged care and more. Moreover, they respond to the need for quality affordable housing as a part of the Peninsula; creating places that celebrate the uniqueness of their environment.

All four sites have been designed hand in hand with the local community, creating a tangible connection and providing space and amenities to be enjoyed by all. The aged care facilities, rather than being hidden away, are co-located with the community hubs to encourage inter-generational mixing and to promote the feeling that care is always there if you need it.

Inspired and enhanced by the surrounding typology, the design of each site was approached with this overarching vision and design ethos, and then overlayed with an unmistakably local identity. The intention is to set a precedent for creating lifestyles that are happier, healthier and truly integrated, fostering a deep sense of belonging and a legacy that evolves as the community does.

The masterplans place human experience at the centre of their thinking – deliberately creating links between young and old, residents and the wider community. Each designs also recognise the need to let the architecture breathe, with access to green spaces at the fore, and houses oriented to maximise natural daylight, thermal efficiency and views. Existing native vegetation is retained to offer both visual amenity and to inform the layout and spacing of the buildings. The varied roof forms and fenestration create naturally diverse streetscapes full of character that reflect the individuals who live there.

Each story is a little different…
Bittern | Mornington | Rosebud | Hastings