Beachleigh Mount Eliza

Masterplanning In Progress


Introducing Beachleigh, a luxury new seniors living community located on the stunning Mornington Peninsula coastline. Acquired by Hengyi in 2019, the 3.4-hectare estate rich with a colourful past is set to be transformed into a retirement retreat like no other.

Our intent for this resort-style community was to create a timeless space that pays homage to the surrounding area and the historic nature of the site. Created for the discerning retiree who wishes to remain active while enjoying the finer things in life, our approach prioritises health and wellness by offering unparalleled amenities and enabling environments that promote engaged lifestyles.

Nestled along the bay in Mount Eliza, Beachleigh offers a picturesque location with a seaside ambience. Originally built in 1878, the site’s storied past has shaped the design approach. Originating as a grand seaside holiday home designed by eminent Melbourne architect Thomas Watts, the site was later utilised an orthopaedic hospital during the inter-war years. Our vision of preserving and adapting the heritage structures would celebrate the site’s early beginnings while providing a unique sense of place and belonging for future residents.

The original reception building, the largest heritage building to be restored, will welcome residents and visitors into the property. As you move further onto the grounds, the astounding views and beach access are further revealed, highlighting the beauty of the coastal location. The original pool house will be repurposed to feature premium wellness and culinary spaces surrounded by seaside views, including a restaurant, bar, lounge, dance and yoga studio, gym, and change facilities.

The existing Chapel will be transformed into a café and Provedore, extending the abundant community atmosphere to Mount Eliza locals. Stocked with essential items, local wine, cheese and produce, the Provedore will serve as a celebration of the Peninsula lifestyle. The café will feature community gardens and outdoor seating clustered around the area, encouraging morning coffee dates and afternoon cocktails. The property’s natural landscaping will be enhanced with the implementation of an orchard, further highlighting the quality produce available in the area.

Creating a connected community was at the forefront of our design process, with outdoor spaces, walking paths, and amenities creating opportunities for residents and locals to interact, enhancing the coastal culture. The project site offers incredible natural amenity, with 200m of direct waterfront access that allows residents to head down and enjoy the beach right off Canadian Bay.

Photography by: Jaime Diaz-Berrio