Upper East Side Real Estate

Commercial 400m2 Complete 2018

Brand and positioning reflected in design

Working closely with our client on their development work, the VIA team were thrilled to have the opportunity to work on Upper East Side’s office and showroom, following the rebranding of their business. Recognising the importance of a shopfront as a reflection of their brand and positioning, the prime position on the main street in Ivanhoe presented the ideal opportunity for exposure in terms of footfall and visibility.

Large street facing glazing draws this footfall inward and provides connection to the busy and vibrant street.   The quality, value and opulence of an Upper East Side development was imparted on the design, with clients made to feel they are walking into a lavish apartment.

With a feature timber ceiling, the fitout feels homely and elegant. Changing the ceiling levels in the commercial space replicates a residential home and adds to the intimacy. The office and meeting rooms are deliberately separated, distinguishing the aspirational living from the operational business elements of buying and selling real estate.

The timeless nature of the colour palette ensures longevity in the design and every element selected reflects the elevated standard of Upper East Side’s development work, improving tangibility and appreciation of our client’s focus on luxury and quality in their work.