Templestowe for Arcare

Seniors Living 7,000m2 Complete 2019

Capturing hillside views in this award winning sanctuary for seniors

Arcare Templestowe breaks with a conventional aged care approach to reimagine how spaces will work together, and how residents will experience, interact and inhabit the space . With a focus on enabling, the architecture works to connect, and create a sense of openness and freedom.

Navigating the balance of operational considerations and aspirations for a premium lifestyle experience for residents, the team were engaged to design within the height and footprint limits defined by the existing town planning permit. Recognising that the experience of space extends beyond the space itself, to how we percecive it, an approach of borrowing and extending was deployed.

Removing all the walls and ceilings meant using the entirety of the available spaces. Pushing rooflines and introducing unexpected glazing contributed to this sense of expansiveness flooding the shared spaces with light and green views.

The geometric timber roof works in varying roof pitches to conceal services and soften the soaring cathedral ceilings. Minimal tolerances and exacting geometry meant a highly skilled team of specialists working together to deliver this key design feature.

/ Gold Winner at 2019 Good Design Awards

Photography by: Jaime Diaz-Berrio