Surrey Hills Aged Care

Seniors Living 5,800m2 Complete 2018

Clever proportions utilising every square meter in leafy Surrey Hills.

In this established leafy suburb, the acquisition of a small but valuable piece of land by Arcare presented the client and the VIA team with significant challenges in the design of this new boutique aged care facility.

Giving residents a tranquil and appealing outlook was front of mind through the design process. With a significant fall across the site, considerations had to be made to the view of subterranean rooms and the logistics of overland rainfall and water discharge. The landscaping and design around the retaining walls was well considered to contribute to and enhance the lifestyles able to be enjoyed at this prestige facility.

A curved timber wall provides a significant feature in the interior of the entrance, a stark contrast to the otherwise rigid building design. Visible as the building is approached, it also acts to add a lively, contemporary feel to the conventional brick veneer for harmony with the streetscape. With a focus on lifestyle, comfort and luxury, the interiors provide a plethora of luxurious spaces and facilities for residents and their guests to enjoy. A movie theatre, café, hairdresser and lounge areas encourage the congregating, discussion and connections that we know are so important for seniors.

Making the most of a narrow site with an unconventional courtyard layout, the design approached the outdoor space with two sections. By positioning these two spaces adjacent to each other, every room and resident experienced the natural light and ventilation provided by this indoor-outdoor flow. As the light moves throughout the day, so the appeal of the spaces do too, offering alternative opportunities for enjoyment or respite.