Blackburn Lakes Pavilions Display Suite

Seniors Living 150m2 Complete 2018

Sustainable repurposing for future use.

As a landmark fully integrated senior’s community, Blackburn Pavilions in Melbourne’s north east needed a display suite that would showcase the style, quality and beauty of a project with sustainability at it’s heart.

Unusually for a display suite, the location was chosen far from the site boundary, nestled instead in the tranquil bush surrounds, far from passing traffic. Not only did this allow prospective resident’s full immersion in experiencing the exceptionally beautiful surrounds, but the building will also be a permanent part of the eventual community. Typically, a display suite is dismantled once a project is constructed, but at Blackburn, it will be repurposed as a men’s shed. Careful orientation of the building reflects this dual purpose too, access points and aspects have been considered for both prospective residents and users of the men’s shed in mind.

Eco-material usage, recyclability and preservation of significant and important vegetation is emphasised.  Exteriors are natural materials, and extensive use of timber, reflecting the high-end materiality and finishes throughout the project, but weathering over time to embed the men’s shed peacefully into the surrounding bushland.

Interiors by Hecker Guthrie