Bluecross Monterey

Seniors Living 4,000m2 Complete 2018

Astute design reinvigorating living for seniors

The acquisition of a neighbouring site enabled the re-imagining of this seniors living project for BlueCross with a brief to extend, reinvigorate and connect.

Linkages between internal and external spaces and a thorough exploration of how the site addressed the street drove our design team’s approach to re-energise this aging building. The VIA team instilled a rich and contemporary identity in a previously aging building. The revitalisation made way for improvements which solved a number of operational issues and enhanced access and enjoyment of recreational areas for residents.

Creation of a fresh and completely new entry was enhanced through the acquisition of an adjoining site. The design team took advantage of the increased space to create and relocate key areas to encourage better connection with the external environment. Crucial upgrades to kitchen and laundry areas further utilised this space and extended landscaped areas toward the front of the building fashioned beautiful outdoor areas, easily accessed through the new lounge and dining rooms.

Thoughtful and creative internal planning around the client’s requirements for additional beds ensured the financial viability of the project and exhibited the principle of good design and intelligent utilisation of space can be for dual benefit to both residents and the business.

Photography by Jaime Diaz-Berrio