At VIA, our dedication lies in undertaking projects that benefit our local communities. In line with this ethos, we are pleased to present an update on our partnership with Vasey RSL Care, Victoria’s leading provider of ex-service housing, care and support for over 100 years.

Vasey RSL Care’s research initiatives identified a cohort of veterans facing unique and often unaddressed challenges in securing emergency accommodation, with many requiring support transitioning to civilian life. With the absence of veteran-specific homelessness services in Victoria, veterans are left to rely on an overwhelmed mainstream system.

Recognising the opportunity to provide independent single accommodation for homeless and at-risk veterans, we were honoured to collaborate with the organisation in designing The V Centre at Vasey RSL Care – Ivanhoe. This facility aims to address the specific needs of contemporary veterans of all ages and genders, offering tailored support services to their unique circumstances.

The V Centre initiative not only seeks to break the ‘revolving door’ effect for veterans experiencing or at risk of homelessness but also embraces sustainability at its core. The project involves the recycling and repurposing of the original building, giving it a new life to assist veterans in starting their new journey. This approach aligns with our commitment to creating spaces that not only empower but also contribute positively to the environment.

The approach to this project focuses on providing stability, encouraging goal-setting and connecting veterans with safe and secure housing. Understanding the comprehensive support veterans need, the programs offered by Vasey RSL Care facilitate a successful transition to civilian life, empowering them to reintegrate with support from their local community.

The V Centre stands as a testament to our dedication to sustainable, user-centric design, offering a second chance to the building and fulfilling a purpose to serve our deserving veterans. Our user-centric design philosophy is rooted in the belief that spaces should be created for the end-users’ distinct circumstances. This project goes beyond conventional design norms, delivering transitional independent living accommodation and support services for younger veterans.

In collaboration with Vasey RSL Care, we are committed to supporting this mission and contributing to positive change. The V Centre represents a groundbreaking initiative to address homelessness among veterans, ensuring that those who devoted their lives to serving the nation receive the support and opportunities they deserve.

We had the privilege of sponsoring this year’s Vasey RSL Care’s Saluting Excellence Conference, an annual event dedicated to celebrating staff and their exceptional dedication to supporting the wellbeing of veterans.

Aligning with this year’s conference theme of ‘Empowerment: motivating and enabling ourselves and each other’, our collaboration on the V Centre exemplifies our commitment to creating environments that empower the end-user and foster positive change.


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