Q: Congratulations on passing your final architecture exam and becoming a registered architect! How does it feel to achieve this significant milestone in your career?

Thank you! Becoming a registered architect fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine, so I feel incredibly proud of this milestone. That said, it was not a single-handed achievement. I had an amazing support system throughout the journey, and I am so grateful to everyone who has accompanied me and provided guidance and encouragement.

Q: Looking back at your journey to becoming a registered architect, what were some of the most valuable lessons or experiences that have shaped you as a professional?

Looking back I have learnt invaluable lessons in planning, hard work, and perseverance.

I recall moments of exhaustion after work, but I remained committed, studying late into the night, fully aware that hard work yields results. When faced with complex subjects, I sought different approaches to better understand. Lastly for me, having a plan is the key to success. Establishing a plan allows me to navigate the vast realm of architecture methodically and stay focused on my goals.

Q: As a registered architect, what new opportunities and responsibilities do you envision for yourself within VIA Architects?

I am eager to gain exposure to different building typologies as this will provide me with invaluable exposure and enhance my flexibility as a designer. Additionally, as a registered architect, I want to take on more involvement in the architectural process. This includes embracing contract administration duties that are exclusive to architects.

I am thrilled to embrace new opportunities and take on additional responsibilities within the studio. It is my goal to continuously grow as a professional and make a meaningful impact on the architectural projects we undertake.

Q: Throughout your architectural education and training, what aspects of the profession did you find most challenging, and how did you overcome those challenges?

Entering the architectural workforce from an academic environment posed a big leap in terms of how things operate in the real world in comparison to the classroom.

To overcome these challenges, I sought work experience while pursuing my postgraduate degree. This helped me build a well-rounded understanding of the theoretical and practical sides of the industry.

Q: Having been at VIA Architects for almost 7 years, how do you think the company’s values and approach to architecture align with your personal philosophy?

One of the values I admire about our studio that aligns with my personal philosophy is their unwavering commitment to rigour.

Throughout my 7 years at VIA, I have witnessed firsthand how our team does not settle for anything less than excellence. The amount of thoughtful consideration and planning that goes into each project prior to execution really makes our studio stand out. This level of dedication is essential in the field of architecture, where attention to detail and careful execution are paramount.

Q: How do you plan to continue expanding your expertise and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in the field of architecture now that you’re a registered architect?

Within our field, it is critical to stay up-to-date with the latest innovations and advancements to ensure you stay ahead of the game. Fortunately, our studio values continuous learning and provides workshops and presentations where we all share our knowledge and experiences.

Q: As a newly registered architect, how do you plan to mentor and guide junior members of the team to help them achieve their professional goals?

Drawing from my own experience, I understand the impact that support and guidance can have on someone’s journey. I aim to be an instrument of encouragement, providing the same kind of assistance that helped me along the way.

One tangible approach I found valuable during my preparation for the exam was conducting mock client interviews to be able to assess and test my knowledge on the industry. These exercises not only enhanced my exam preparation but also sharpened my communication skills. I plan to implement similar practices, creating opportunities for junior members to practice and refine their skills in a supportive environment.

Q: Considering the diverse range of projects that VIA Architects undertakes, what type of project or design challenge are you most excited to work on in the future?

I am keen to engage in challenging and complex projects. I find great satisfaction in stretching my mind and working through intricate challenges. There’s a sense of accomplishment when a solution is reached.

I have a strong passion for residential projects. Designing homes has always been a personal dream of mine. The opportunity to create spaces where individuals and families can truly thrive and find comfort is incredibly fulfilling.

Photography by: Jaime Diaz-Berrio


VIA Team