Key Victorian legislation for aged care developments

Following the successful planning approvals for Via Architect’s designs for aged care facilities in the Melbourne suburbs of Lysterfield and Preston, we provide a snapshot of current Victorian state legislation pertaining to aged care design.

Amendment VC152

Clause 53.17

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Amendment VC152, clause 53.17, became active in October 2018. It aims to clarify the planning assessment process for residential aged care facilities, and ensure a sufficient supply of such housing is available close to established social and family networks.

The policy at State level includes the following:

  • Recognise that residential aged care facilities are different to dwellings in their purpose and function, and will have a different built form (including height, scale and mass).
  • Ensure that residential aged care facilities are designed to respond to the site and its context.
  • Promote a high standard of urban design and architecture in residential aged care facilities.

The new standards allow for:

  • a maximum allowable building height of 16 metres;
  • a maximum site coverage for buildings of 80%;
  • communal open space for residents and staff; and
  • overlooking screen heights of 1.2 metres, rather than 1.7 metres.

Clause 16.01-7S

Clause 16.01-7S provides the policies at a State level that relate to residential aged care facilities. The policy aims to facilitate the development of well-designed and appropriately located residential aged care facilities. It includes strategies to:

  • recognise that residential aged care facilities contribute to housing diversity and choice, and are an appropriate use in a residential area;
  • ensure that residential aged care facilities are located in residential areas, activity centres and urban renewal precincts, close to services and public transport; and
  • promote a high standard of urban design and architecture in residential aged care facilities.



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Disclaimer: This article is intended for high-level information purposes only. Via Architects does not accept liability for any actions taken as a result of the content of this article. Viewers should consult the official State government website for full details of the Victoria Planning Provision.

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