VIA Architects is proud to announce a significant milestone in our commitment to inclusive and human-centric design. Recently, we attained a Livable Housing Australia (LHA) Accreditation, further solidifying our dedication to creating spaces that prioritise both accessibility and livability.

The LHA Accreditation is a mark of distinction that certifies a practice’s compliance with Livable Housing Design Guidelines (LHDG). These guidelines encompass various aspects of design, including entrance accessibility, circulation within the home and provision of key features such as step-free entrances, wider doorways and adaptable spaces. These considerations ensure that built environments are inclusive and welcoming to individuals of all ages and abilities.

Danny Mathew, Project Architect at VIA, acquired the LHA Accreditation, enhancing VIA’s expertise in inclusive design. Armed with a Master of Architecture and a diverse career spanning hospitality, multi-residential, aged care, education and healthcare sectors, Danny has brought a wealth of experience to our team. His dedication to crafting environments that seamlessly integrate into people’s lives perfectly aligns with VIA’s mission of creating spaces that enrich the lives of all.

Mark Allan, Director at VIA, emphasises the significance of the LHA Accreditation for our developer partners.

“This accreditation signifies VIA’s commitment to inclusive design,” he explains. “It assures our partners that our projects will meet and exceed accessibility standards, enhancing the quality of life for all.”

Alongside Managing Director Frank Bambino, Mark’s leadership inspires our team to challenge norms and deliver innovative solutions, ensuring that every VIA project leaves a lasting impact on the community.

“Securing the accreditation is a testament to our ongoing commitment to improving communities,” Mark adds. “With this LHA Accreditation under our belt, VIA is poised to lead the way in inclusive design.”

Within the studio, the Livable Housing Design Guidelines are more than checkboxes—they are ingrained in our DNA. Our recent social housing partnership with National Affordable Housing (NAH), Homes Victoria and our long-time partner Pitard Group, Cheltenham Apartments, exemplifies our dedication to inclusivity, providing life-changing secure housing for vulnerable members of society.

With this accreditation, VIA will continue to create spaces that foster belonging and dignity for all individuals. We look forward to collaborating with our partners to enrich the lives of people of all abilities, striving toward a future where inclusivity is not just a standard but a fundamental principle of design.


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