Australia’s community care systems have long been afflicted by fragmentation and inefficiencies, resulting in significant gaps in care and support, duplication of services, and suboptimal health outcomes for communities, particularly for our ageing population.

At VIA Architects, we’ve always believed in the power of design to shape the future, especially in reimagining the seniors living sector. Our commitment to pioneering innovative, human-centric solutions for the evolving needs of future generations is at the core of everything we do. And this commitment found its ultimate expression in our collaboration with TLC Healthcare | Mordialloc, a project that stands as a catalyst for industry transformation.

Our studio is thrilled to extend our congratulations to TLC Healthcare, who earned the esteemed UDIA Victoria Awards for Industry Excellence in the Seniors Living category for their revolutionary project, TLC Healthcare | Mordialloc. This multigenerational healthcare precinct also achieved finalist status at the 2023 Urban Developer Awards in the category Excellence in Design Innovation.


Global research* demonstrates how merging early childhood education and aged-care systems, with the widespread implementation of intergenerational care programs, can enhance engagement and create a special bond between generations. The team behind TLC Healthcare set out to not only create an integrated healthcare precinct, but a replicable multigenerational care model that would better meet the evolving needs of communities across Australia.

TLC Healthcare | Mordialloc offers a solution to many of the challenges facing the sector. As the appointed architects, our studio played a pivotal role in bringing CEO Lou Pascuzzi’s visionary community care precinct to life. Valued at $70 million, the project serves as an exemplar of industry innovation by delivering the nation’s first multigenerational healthcare precinct, integrating residential aged care, primary care, early learning, hospitality and wellness amenities, marking the first time these services have been co-located by a single provider.

Frank Bambino, Managing Director at VIA, recognised the weight and significance of designing Australia’s inaugural multigenerational healthcare community. His insights shed light on the project’s profound impact on the industry:

“Multigenerational care models will play an integral role in reforming the industry, creating a new sense of purpose for older Australians while also acting as an educational platform for the children of the next generation,” said Frank.

This statement encapsulates our team’s ethos—a belief in design as a vehicle for progress and connectivity. Our human-led philosophy was the guiding force behind our approach to TLC Healthcare | Mordialloc. We didn’t just create a space; we cultivated an environment that fosters connectivity and integration, where aged care residents find a profound sense of belonging within their community.

The very essence of TLC Healthcare | Mordialloc embodies this vision. It’s more than just a healthcare precinct; it’s a living, breathing testament to the potential of multigenerational care. It’s a space where the wisdom of age and the exuberance of youth coalesce, creating an environment that’s not just about care but also about learning, understanding and vibrant intergenerational connections.

The success of TLC Healthcare | Mordialloc positions it as a pioneering example of the future of community care in Australia. Our studio is honoured to have been part of the delivery of this transformative project that exemplifies excellence in design, innovation and commitment to fostering vibrant, interconnected communities.


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