In the realm of aged care, the convergence of design ethos, innovation and creativity holds the power to enhance the lives of Australia’s ageing population. The history of our collaboration with Arcare Aged Care is a testament to our design philosophy that places humanity at its core.

VIA Architects is dedicated to venturing beyond conventional norms in aged care, and this dedication is exemplified in our partnership with Arcare Aged Care, a true leader in the industry. As we reflect on our past collaborations with the group, we are excited to announce that we have been selected to bring three new Arcare projects to life. The design journey continues with the creation of Arcare Alphington, Lysterfield and Werribee precincts.


Our shared belief in the transformative potential of architecture to nurture the human spirit forms the foundation of our collaboration. The resonance between Arcare’s ‘Six Senses’ philosophy – encompassing Security, Continuity, Belonging, Purpose, Fulfilment and Significance – and VIA’s commitment to genuine human needs has fostered spaces that allow residents to truly thrive.

At Arcare Aged Care, the Relationship-First Model centres residents’ well-being, a principle that resonates deeply with VIA’s human-centric design approach. This ethos was utilised in the development of Arcare Templestowe, a project that garnered industry-wide recognition and earned the esteemed Good Design Award Gold Accolade.

This accolade stands as a testament to our shared aspirations and the tangible impact of our partnership in the aged care sector. Arcare Templestowe offers well-lit, open spaces that promote independence, engagement and amenities that nurture fulfilling lifestyles.

In our upcoming ventures, we are proud to uphold Arcare’s ‘Six Senses’ philosophy, celebrating the interconnectedness of human experience and delivering spaces where residents truly belong. We look forward to crafting environments that foster premium living for our ageing population.

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